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The most charming revolutionary

Just a few words to let all who knew and loved Gus…….as a kind and loving man who was at the forefront of the struggles to emancipate those with alternative sexual orientations and who often paid the price that all revolutionaries must expend for liberty, I am proud to have known this most special person. We know now that he could have married his beloved Elmer in his home state […]

A Tribute to Uncle Gus

When I was informed of Uncle Gus passing away, I was deeply saddened and at a true loss for words. Uncle Gus was an important presence among so many people, and I feel humbled to have had the honor of having him in my life. His affability and kindness made him a stand out personality to so many. And although his list of friends and acquaintances spanned the globe, he […]

I Will Always Remember

I was with Uncle Gus when he passed and I instantly felt a void in my life.  Uncle Gus and Uncle Elmer have been in my life since I was born. He was my mother’s oldest brother and they talked on the phone almost every week. We were all very close and spent many holidays with them over the years.  When I think of Gus, I think of how fashionably he […]