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One of our favorite Gus-isms

Out on one of their many visits to California, Gus and Elmer stopped by our home to meet their grand niece, (our daughter) Sofie for the first time.  We always loved getting their Christmas letter each year, telling us about their wonderful travels and events and people they had visited with each year.  We did not get to see them often, but so enjoyed their company and were grateful to […]

Remembering Uncle Gus

I don’t remember the first time I met my Great-Uncle Gus. My mother, I’m sure, will never forget. It was the mid-70s and Gus, like many in the pre-WWII generation, was still a smoker. Gus (and, of course, Elmer, who by that time had been a part of our family for so long, he’d earned his own “Uncle” moniker) was in Dallas for a family visit. On this particular occasion, […]